Things To Consider Before Buying Turnstiles

Deploying access control systems for the sake of security of the working premises involves a great deal of technical work for the office administration. This aspect is enhanced by the use of turnstiles. These metal gates combine with the access control systems to give the best results in the safety and security of the premises. These turnstiles come in varying sizes and shapes and therefore require utmost care while choosing the right one for the type of office premise. Here are some of the considerations for choosing the right turnstile design or type.

Size of the entrance –  One of the prime determinants for deploying a turnstile is the size of the entrance in which it needs to be placed. It also determines the number of turnstiles that will be needed to provide entry to the required number of people in the premises without accumulating much crowd.

Functionalities of the turnstile – Another determinant is the motion factor of the turnstile. Depending upon the fluidity of the movement in the given space and the security measures, turnstiles like double full height turnstile can be made to either slide open or swing in opposite directions for the purpose of providing access to the entrants.

Protection for the turnstile – Depending upon the physical environment and the material from which the turnstile is made, they can be coated for further protection. For example, if the turnstile is made up of steel it can be polished to remain immune to the moist environment around and maintain longevity.

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