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Use Of Brass In Different Industries

Metals such as brass are being used in the construction industry fora long time because it not only offers strength to the structure but also allows it to bear heavy wear and tear. But nowadays these metals are also used in making several decorative items as well as machinery. The best part of brass is that it has anti-corrosion and anti-microbial properties. The coloring of the metal may vary from light gold to almost red, sometimes it can also be found in silver color which can be easily provided by a reputed brass supplier in UK.

Brass can also be used for several other purposes which are discussed as follows:

Marine hardware –  It is a fact that salt water can damage any type of metal,no matter it is thick layered iron or stainless steel after losing its coating. But it is not in the case of brass due to its toughness, hardness and corrosion resistance properties. Previously, it was used for making only navigational tools but in the present time it is also used for pumps and marine engines.

Electronic components –  Another property of brass is that it is also a good electric conductor that allows the current to pass easily. That is why it is greatly used in electrical components. These components may include terminal blocks, sockets, PCB plug pins and many more. The biggest reason of using bass in electric components is that it also has a non-magnetic nature that makes it the first choice over the metals.