Different Methods Used In Drain Cleaning

Drainage is something that accounts greatly for the internal hygiene of the house in Seattle. This is because this system is responsible for taking most of the liquid waste out of the house. This waste arises from the internal cleansing process, cleaning of the vegetables, dishes and personal cleaning, and other such activities. Now, these activities release a lot of sticky substances that can cause accumulations in the drainage pipes. This is why drain cleaning in Seattle is done by experts who deploy the right set of methods and tools for every case.

Here are some methods used by these experts.

Chemical Cleaning – As the name suggests chemical cleaning solutions are the very basic means to cut off the excess deposits of grime in the pipes. This technique requires the use of acidic and alkaline solutions that are poured directly into the clogs. This causes the corroding and deterioration of most of the biodegradable materials that are stuck in the pipe causing the blockage.

Air Bust cleaning – This technique makes use of accelerated and pressurized gas movements of carbon dioxide. The force created by the gas disintegrates the clog particles and clears the route for the passage of the liquids. The technique is very effective and works faster than the chemical cleaning process. It also has the potential to reach farther in the pipelines than other techniques.

Hydro Jetting – Another technique based on pressure and force is hydro jetting. But in this technique, there is a use of water in high-pressure streams to break and disintegrate the clogs. The nozzle in the machines releases water with a pressure of almost thirty five thousand PSI that can break any substance in its way.

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